I’m trying something new today.  I’m blogging from work via cell phone just because I can.  I need to vent.  The cats are driving me insane.  They’re into everything and now they’ve started ripping up my carpet. I love them to death but some days I just want to throttle them.

Work is driving me insane.  I process one of our largest accounts. It’s so large that it’s split between me and another lady.  I took the lead on the account after working here four months.  My counterpart has now been here four months and the products still baffle her.  I have a months worth of tax invoices to correct before month end because she can’t pull her weight. She’s a nice lady and all but I’m tired of answering the same freakin questions over and over again.  She needs to develop some gumption and pull her weight because I’m tired of carrying her.  Lord knows I need the paycheck though so I guess I’ll just shut up, keep my head down and continue to resist the urge to smack her!

The whole world is driving me insane.  Makes me think that maybe it’s no longer a drive.  Maybe the trip’s over and I’ve arrived at completely nuckin futz.  I always thought insanity would be more fun than this.