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What can I say about today? Well, it kinda sucked.  They decided to take my grandfather off of the vent.  He’s breathing on his own but he’s not expected to recover. If he passes then my brothers and I will be driving to NC from TX for the funeral.  None of us can afford to be away from our jobs or families for long. So we’re going to drive for 18 hours to get there, attend the funeral and drive 18 hours back.  Actually my brothers will be driving.  Riding in a car tends to hypnotize me and I fall asleep. Anything more than an hour and I’m out.  Secondly both of my brothers complain that I drive like a grandma and with me at the wheel, we’ll never get there. They have a point. I’m not a very good driver.  So right now we’re waiting to see if he’s going to pass or surprise us all and manage to pull through.  I do hope my Mom gets to see him before he passes. 

Then it was back to work after a most blissful three day weekend. The corporate harpies are driving me nuts, I can’t figure out how the carrier drivers managed to load 10500 gallons in a truck that only holds 9000, and my computer blew up.  Ok, it didn’t technically “blow up” but I heard a “bzzzzt” and then it all went black. That’s pretty darn close to blowed up in my book. Turns out the battery backup went bad and once that was replaced all systems were go.

I decided I wanted to read when I got home from work. I was going to read until 8:30p and then go to bed early.  Yeah, it’s now after 10p.  At least I didn’t read straight through the night. I have done that before – many times actually – and I always hate my life when I’m struggling to stay awake at work the next day.

That was the day in a nutshell. Off to spend a few hours examining the backs of my eyelids and hoping for a better tomorrow.