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I have a friend at work who recently purchased a new kitten at a pet store.  I wasn’t real pleased that she’d plop down money for a cat when there are so many wonderful ones in shelters but shelters charge adoption fees so you’re buying a cat any way you look at it, so I could let that one go.  She’s never owned a cat before and was quite displeased when the kitten did what cat’s do – scratch things.  She has new furniture and the kitten uses her front claws to climb up on it and and her back claws when she launches herself off in play. My friend mentioned getting the cat declawed and I was vehemently against it.  Declawing a cat is essentially the same as chopping off the first digits of all our fingers and toes.  Rather than mutilate the cat, I told her some of the ways you can train a cat to scratch something more appropriate, keep the nails trimmed and maybe invest in some Soft Paws until the cat learns not to scratch.

So I went to my grandpa’s funeral last week and when I got back, she informs me that rather than put a little effort into her companion animal she took the lazy way out and had it mutilated – tee-hee.  But it’s ok though because now she was going to keep the cat rather than return it to the pet store. Is it wrong that I had to walk away to keep from punching her in the face?

I’ve taken some time to think about it and I realize that I no longer want to be friends with this woman. I can’t believe that she’d think it would be ok, ever, to mutilate a companion animal. It would have been far kinder to take it back to the pet store or a shelter and she thinks she did it a favor? She’s a horrible human being and I’ve completely lost all respect for her. 

I have to see her at work every day, and I plan on being polite and professional, but hanging out and going to lunch together is off the table.  I can’t believe she hurt that kitten out of laziness. Would she take her own child and have her hands and feet mutilated? No? Then in my book it is a big damn deal.

What do you think readers?  Am I over-reacting or should this woman be condemned to the same special hell reserved for child molesters and serial killers?