I’m so proud of myself. My account screwed up its billing on Sept 5 and so 170 invoices had to be credited and rebilled.  My boss and I were supposed to split them but she always gets interrupted. (I covered her desk when she was on vacation – Nightmare!) So I ended up doing all but 10 of them.  I actually share my account with another woman and when I heave a heavy sigh of relief at finally getting through the mess my counterpart whines (yes whines, literally, like all the damn time) “Well why didn’t you give me half of them. I could help.”  Um, because you’re dumb as a stump and slower than Christmas? Because I’m eligible to retire in 30 years and I need it done before then? Because you’ll ask me questions on every damn one of them and I’ll end up doing them anyways and it’ll take me 3x as long?  No, I went with, “These were really complicated.  Some even gave me pause.” (Like 2)

It’s so hard to work a deadline driven job with a moron.  She thinks she’s getting a clue, but she isn’t.  She’s started trying to second guess me on my job now and that’s really pissing me off so this week I decided to just let her have it. All the shit that I do, that she’s supposed to do, to carry that account, I let her have,  “Hey Anna, what’s the status of billing invoice 12345?”  Her response, “Yes.”  ???  It wasn’t a yes or know question you farking tool shed!  Augh!!!  I have to spell every little thing out for her and I’m so goddamn sick of it.  She’s been there longer than I was when the lead on the account was dumped in my lap.  I figured it out.  I sure as hell did not sit there whining, “I don’t know what to do. I don’t understand.” I’m so disgusted with this peon that I’ve adopted the attitude of, “Just get the hell out of my way and let me do it. 

Efficiency.  I process damn near everything by bringing the paperwork up on the screen.  I don’t spend a lot of time running back and forth to the copier printing out stuff that I can see just fine on the screen.  If I get a particularly perplexing case where I need to print everything out and touch it to figure out what they did, I will. But that is typically very rare.  No, this dumbass I work with still prints out every single invoice, every single bit of supporting documentation, everything.  Her desk is awash in paperwork and then she gets confused on what she’s done and what she hasn’t. It makes me so damn mad I could scream.

Emails: She sends out emails instructing others to do things on the account where clearly she doesn’t know what the fark she’s talking about – assuming you can understand what she’s saying in the first place.  English is not her first language (she’s Polish) and some of the stuff she sends is just cringe-worthy.  I have people from other department constantly calling me and asking, “Seriously Tonsa, wtf?”  All I can say is, “I’ll look into it”  because I can’t say, “Yes, I know she’s a fucking moron. Just ignore her.”

Talk to our supervisor?  I have.  “We’re a team and we have to find a way to work together.”  Which translates to: just shut up and do her fucking job for her. As long as it gets done, I really don’t care who does it.  And she knows I can do it so if it doesn’t get done, it’s my ass that gets chewed, not Dingus Doofledorfs.

I seriously loathe this woman.  I wish she would quit and just let me do the job, or find someone who can keep up. I’m tired of carrying this whiney twat. In addition to doing my work I have to turn around and fix hers.  I’m all for job security but Christ people?  What if I want to apply to another department? What if I get runover by a bus and am in traction for 6 months and can’t work? Who’s going to carry this stupid bimbo then? I need someone I can count on, who can think through the process and who takes a little initiative. As that’s unlikely to happy I guess I’ll just have to find a way to keep dumbass from driving me insane.