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I am a total ball of anger, frustration and hostility.  I’m so sick of cleaning up other people’s shit at work.  I get daily emails from corporate stating: “The paperwork for store 1234 shows that they received 1000 gallons but they say they only got 500. Do you know what happened?”  How the fuck would I know what happened?  I’m not a carrier driver. I wasn’t there.  I don’t communicate with carriers in any way, shape or form. I’m accounting and all I do (or all I’m supposed to do) is match BOL’s to invoices. Make sure the prices match, that there were no simple typos, and that everything lines up across both systems. Easy right? But no, I get to spend every god damn day trying to figure out what the fuck these helmet wearing, window licking, short bus “special” dumbfucks did on a daily basis.  These god damn morons can’t understand that there’s no fucking way to deliver 16000 gallons of product from a truck that only holds 9000 gallons.  I am totally not exaggerating in the slightest.  They really are that fucking stupid. They deliver gasoline for a living, and they can’t read a fucking BOL. It’s infuriating.

Of course the office staff is no better.  The dispshits in corporate send me emails asking me to review the attached BOL.  When I open it it’s the manifest, not the BOL.  These are fucking auditors and they don’t know the difference between a fucking manifest and BOL? I’m just so sick of all of it.

I don’t want to go to work. I can’t deal with this much fucking stupid. There has got to be a job out there that keeps me out of trouble and doesn’t drive me fucking nuts.  On days like today I wish I could afford to buy a few acres of land out in bum fuck nowhere and just disconnect from the entire world.  No tv, no phone, no computers and most importantly, no fucking people. That’s never going to happen though so I have to find a way to cope. May be time to call the Dr and request stronger happy pills. Maybe if I’m gorked out of my mind I’ll be oblivious to the dumbassery I’m surrounded by.

Rant over.