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I’m happy to say that I’m much calmer than I was on my last post. Don’t get me wrong, work is still driving me nuckin futz and not a day goes by where I’m not resisting an intense desire to scream and/or throttle someone. But at the moment I can discuss it with slightly less profanity.  Anna’s still a moron. Had a customer screaming today because they were charged for 8000 gallons of product they didn’t get. She didn’t bother to look at the paperwork to see that the original customer canceled so the product went elsewhere.  Normally I fix mistakes like that because, well, she’s a moron but today I made her do it. Just tossed the paperwork on her desk and said, “Here, fix it.”  I thought she was going to cry but she needs to learn.  What if I have a stroke or get hit by a bus and am in traction for six months and can’t work? What’s she going to do then?  Whine to the big bosses that she just doesn’t understand? She needs to either do the job or get the hell out and let someone come in who can.

Corporate is still driving me crazy.  They had a new store open in May and they want copies of the paperwork for every delivery between then and now and a price analysis per product. Plus we just had an acquisition and the merger isn’t going smoothly. We’re having pricing issues out the yin yang and I still can’t get our main carrier to turn in their friggen paperwork on time so I’m having to chase that down. This project that audit wants is way outside the scope of my job description.  I got irritated today with them harassing me for updates.  I had to go in over the weekend to try to get closer to caught up on my work – month end is coming and it’s going to be a nightmare – and they want me stop what I’m doing for a project that has nothing to do with my data entry job? I don’t think so.  I forwarded their last harassing email to my boss and explained that I just don’t have time to take on this project during normal business hours but I’d be happy to come in over the weekend and work on it but that they’d have to pay me overtime.  Needless to say she told them to leave me alone.  That won’t last long I’m sure.

I really and truly hate my job. I’m all old and stuff and I still don’t know what I want to be.  My greatest joy in life is reading.  I think if I won a huge lottery I’d build myself a library and live in it. I’ve tried my hand at writing but I’ve come to realize that I kinda suck at it.  At least I read well enough to know I suck. That’s something right?  It’s very hard to find gainful employment when you’re so anti-social that the thought of interacting with other people causes a screaming migraine. I’ve tried to find a way to enjoy social interaction, but I just don’t.  Too bad there aren’t any light house keeper jobs anymore. 

I think my phone has charged enough so I’m going to go to the park and feed the mosquitos. The exercise will help me de-stress and if I lose enough blood I’ll be too woozy headed to care. (Our mosquitos are freakin huge.)

Later days!