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There are lots of songs out there that I like.  Music makes me happy, reflective, sleepy sometimes. But rarely do I encounter one that physically hurts.  I’m totally hooked on A Great Big World’s “Say Something.”

My last bad breakup was two or three years ago. We’d been together 5 years and he told me via facebook that he was serious about someone else.  We’d chatted via text all day like we did every day when I logged into facebook and saw that he was in a relationship with a woman who wasn’t me.  We talked every single day and he’d never mentioned her. Not once. It was like a sucker punch to the gut. Surely this has to be some sort of joke right?  I text him: “When were you going to tell me about her?”   His response: “I’m sorry but I just didn’t know how to bring it up.” Those were the last words we ever spoke to each other.

I’m not still pining for the guy.  I mean, he clearly made the right decision.  Anyone that cowardly is certainly not for me, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt like hell. My world collapsed in on itself and I hurt so bad I couldn’t breathe.  I felt lost with all of the how and why’s bombarding my brain. It was such an intense feeling of grief that I felt completely lost and overwhelmed.  He’d been my world and now he was gone. I had to build a new world and I had no idea where to start. But the pain did eventually go away and I’m in a good place.

I only mention it because I realized, sitting at my desk at work yesterday, that this song evoked emotions that strong in me.  The lyrics had me so overwhelmed with grief and sadness that I had a knot in my stomach and I was fighting back tears. I wasn’t thinking about the cowardly lion I used to date, but instead I pictured in my mind’s eye a woman who’s soldier boyfriend is overseas and she hasn’t heard a peep from him in 6 months.  I see her staring at the phone, hoping for a text, a phone call, something! I can see her thinking the lyrics, “Say something I’m giving up on you.”   Then I picture a man, who’s loved a woman all his life, hoping someday she’d see him the same way. I see him realizing that his love will never be returned and telling her that he was moving on.  Still though with one last shred of hope he says, “Say something I’m giving up on you.” But she can’t and she walks away.

You might be wondering why on Earth I’d listen to a song that effects me so strongly, but I listen to it because it effects me so strongly.  It’s hauntingly beautiful and stirs emotions that I’m not in touch with often, but it allows me to walk away from those feelings reflective, rather than stunned senseless. Unrequited love is a tale as old as time and “Say Something” brings those very elemental, base human emotions to the surface. If you’ve recently experienced a break up, avoid this song like the plague but if you’re in a good place and feeling reflective about love’s lost this may be a great song for you.