There’s not much I hate more than receiving a nasty email that basically reads, “YOU screwed up and YOU had better drop everything and fix it NOW!”  First of all, I’m human and though I try not to, I do make mistakes.  Mea culpa and all that and I’m more than happy to fix it.  Second of all, if you’re going to come at me with a super-accusatory attitude, you better make damn sure I’m actually the one who did it.  And third of all, even if I did make a mistake, why be rude about it?”

So I receive a variation of this email today.  Someone in MY department screwed up and I had better fix it NOW. My hackles raise and I’m immediately defensive. Since when am I responsible for the whole department?  I’m not a supervisor, just a lowly processor. If someone in MY department did it wouldn’t it be best to send it to that person?  Since I’m receiving the email I’m assuming that the someone is me.

I go into the system and look under the handy-dandy audit tab which conveniently tells you who’s done what to the order.  Care to wager any guesses as to who’s name is all over that order? Yep, the woman who sent the accusatory email is the one who jacked it up. Instead of coming to me and saying, “Hey, I made a mistake, will you help me fix it?” she decided to try to pass the buck and be all aggressive and dominating.  I’m seething. 

I’ve never been one for aggression and direct confrontation. But passive aggression?  That is where I excel.  I take a screen shot of the audit tab, which clearly shows which YOU made the error and responded sweetly that I’d be more than happy to make the needed corrections once she forwards me the paperwork. I may have CC’d the bosses when I replied.

Honestly people, why be rude?  “There appears to be an error on this order. Could you take a look at it please?” will get you much farther than, ‘You screwed up you stupid idiot and you better fix it now!” I’m not perfect. Not even close.  I make mistakes.  Doozies sometimes, but there’s still a right and wrong way to approach the situation.  This chick chose the wrong way.  Maybe in the future she’ll reconsider, though somehow I tend to doubt it.