Some days, all I can do is sit there and shake my head.  Yet another day has passed where I’ve spent the entire day wishing I didn’t have to work for a living.  Our corporate office and dispatch harassed me all day to do credit and rebills that I’m not authorized to do.  The harpy in corporate essentially called me a liar when I told her I can’t do credit/rebills yet. Yeah, that makes me ever so inclined to help you. I resent the fact that the messes they’re demanding I clean up aren’t mine. My boss can’t be bothered to respond to requests for assistance on the things I don’t know how to do and I’m just so over the whole darn thing.

The lady who works the EFT desk was recently promoted and they needed to replace her.  So do they promote someone from within with some experience who knows what the hell they’re doing?  Oh no!  They go and hire the daughter of the credit manager because that’s not totally a conflict of interests or anything.  Credit lady was forever in our department trying to bully Karen into reversals without proper authorizations and now her daughter is in that position?  How can this not go badly? Are they really that stupid?  apparently the answer is yes.  And to make matters worse, the eft desk is not an entry level position. This young lady has no degree, no work experience except for bell-hopping at Sonic and was totally flummoxed by outlook. Yeah. we’re going to lose so much business it won’t even be funny. I shouldn’t care because I certainly didn’t want that desk, but I have a degree and 5 years of experience and they passed me over for her?  Really?  Time to dust off the ole resume I guess.  Clearly this company does not want to stay in business much longer.