I went over to my parent’s house for dinner last night, and as usual they were watching Fox News.  I make it a point not to watch any news in my own home because I find it crushingly depressing. Several months ago I wrote a post about my difficulties in finding a plot for a potential heroine I was working on.  My problem was that, if you have a superhero capable of saving mankind, why on Earth would they?  Our current president is a Kenyan Marxist who has thrown out the Constitution, honesty, integrity and work ethics. The people who support him want something for nothing.  Republicans just want power. Once in office they’ll pander to their own interests – a la TARP – and what’s best for the country is irrelevant.

In a way I understand why they do it.  No, not in a way.  I understand EXACTLY why they do it.  Take the woman who was interviewed demanding that SOMEONE had to do something to take care of her 15 kids.  Well, shouldn’t that someone be her and the men she chose to breed with?  Why do I have to go to work every day, bust my butt in a job that makes me miserable and surrender those earnings so a cow can produce more offspring?  The problem is that it’s human nature to want something for nothing.  Anyone who wants to disagree with me needs to check themselves.  Do you watch for sales? Try to get freebies or discounts? Yes? Then it your nature too, like it or not.  I’m just as guilty.  But here’s the thing, we aren’t FORCING retailers to offer discounts or gifts.  They have CHOICE.  Taxpayers do not.  And the more someone earns, the more the lazy bums claim that they have the “RIGHT” to take. We’ve turned into a nation that punishes people for hard work and enterprise.

Why don’t we get a choice? Why is it ok to steal from me to give to others who have done nothing to earn it? Americans are the most generous people in the world. When we see need and are asked for help, we rise to the occasion – voluntarily.  No, the money that’s stolen from us is wasted on avarice and greed – not helping those truly in need.  Eventually the producers won’t be able to feed the parasites anymore.  They’ll bleed their hosts dry and clamor for me.  Then this nation will come apart at the seams. People will starve, anarchy will rule, and outside interests (muslims and Chinese) will have a field day scavenging the carcass of what was once a great country.

A republic can’t stand without guiding principles – honesty, integrity, entrepreneurship, work ethic, and pride. No, my superheroine would seek solitude and watch sadly as civilization resets itself once more.