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So things at work have been absolutely insane and I just have to get my feelings out in the open. Year end close was an absolute nightmare.  We worked 60+ hour weeks all through the holidays.  I busted my hump to get mine done, Anna’s done and then help other desks finish theirs. Not so much as a thank you.  Ok fine. 

Then last week my supervisor was on vacation and the head of accounting sends out a department wide email, “Supervisor T is on vacation.  If you need assistance please contact Tonsa Pemor.”  What the hell?  I’m not a supervisor by any stretch of the imagination, but true to form, I handled it. We met our deadlines, I ran reports and managed to keep on top of my work. In addition I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to answer everyone else’s questions.  So I go in today and expect a “Hey, good job” or at least a “Thanks for covering that”  but no.  What do I get?  The big boss coming out to the department floor and gushing about what a wonderful hire Anna was and how she’s so smart and such a hard worker. Anna?  Smart?  The same woman who couldn’t calculate a discount price by subtracting 2 cents?  THAT Anna?  The one who still can’t do taxes after a year?  The one who can’t match up rebills to save her life? The one who’s coming to me with simple questions every 5 minutes?  THAT Anna?  I was flabbergasted. But that was only the beginning of my day of hurt feelings.

The tradition at my job is to decorate people’s desks for their birthdays and get them a card that everyone signs.  Sometimes they even splurge for cake.  I hot the big 4-0 on sunday. They didn’t decorate my desk on Friday so I’m expecting to come in to it today.  I got nada.  No balloon. No glitter. Not even a damn card.  But one of the accountants had a birthday over the weekend and they did his desk all up.  I nearly cried.

They announced several promotions today.  I didn’t get one. People who haven’t been there as long as I have, who leave right at 5 and never offer to help anyone got promotions.  The chick who covers supervisors, helps everyone and does the lion’s share of the work, gets overlooked yet again.

My best friend at work is turning into a stuck up bitch and I’m trying to distance myself from her.  I got called into the office and chewed out for Anna’s mistakes.  Then one of the carriers bitched that I was completing orders for them which got all the top management involved.  We give them 48 hours to close the order. If they don’t then we locate the paperwork and do it for them.  My supervisor did at least back me up on this but it still made me mad that all these emails were circulating amongst upper-management with my name all over them and making me sound like an incompetent moron when I’m just doing my job.

At 5 o’clock today, I was out the door.  I didn’t say bye or offer to help anyone before I left.  I just packed up my stuff and left. When I go to bed I’ll probably cry myself to sleep. Fortunately tomorrow is another day, and maybe it’ll be a better one