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My Dad found out last week that his heart is failing and he needs to go one the transplant list.  He went downtown today to meet with the transplant team. My father is basically a health nut.  I mean, the man drinks vegetables – literally steams them, purée’s them in the blender and drinks them.  It smells like a sewer backed up when he makes his shakes but he doesn’t seem to mind. He takes supplements religiously and is constantly reading and researching the latest scientific research on life longevity. And when I talked to him today, after his meeting with the transplant team, he sounded positively defeated. He’s only 65 years old and he’s tried so hard to live a good clean life.  It just isn’t fair.

I’m not ready to give up on him just yet.  This weekend – after I get through close, I plan on researching the hell out of the latest stem cell research and see if we can’t maybe find him some trials for new treatments. My Dad is just too full of life to die now.

Keep my Dad in your thoughts and I’ll keep you posted on his progress.