Not much to talk about today. Things are still in limbo with Dad and I’m worried sick about the future. Work is insane, especially this week. Close week in accounting is always brutal.  Keep that in mind if it’s a field you’re considering. Fortunately today is the last day so I’ll get a brief respite over the weekend.

Not that this weekend is going to be restful. My family is getting together to make arrangements in case things go bad with dad.  That;s going to be emotionally brutal. My brothers and I get along well and we’re a close knit family. The idea of getting together one last time in case we have to say goodbye to dad is just wrenching, I’m not religious but if there’s been any time where I’ve so desperately wished the fairy tale were true I can’t recall it, I have to put on a brave, positive face for his sake but damn it I hurt inside. We do what we must.

On that note, I must get my lazy arse out of this chair and haul it on in to work.

Peace. Prosperity. Love.