There’s an old saying that “no good deed goes unpunished” and that has certainly been my experience the past two weeks.  My boss went on vacation for two weeks and somehow I got tapped to work her desk.  All of the responsibility, none of the authority.  You see the potential problem here?  So, as I’d feared, my coworkers took this as an opportunity to take a vacation of their own.  I was way too busy to say anything about it most of the time but Friday I was working a particularly nasty case that one of our resident bonehead had royally screwed up.  I sat there, frustrated, as my team laughed and played around for well over 20 minutes.  I gave them 15 thinking they’re entitled to a morning break but after that I told them, “Guys? Seriously? We’re more than two weeks behind schedule. We just don’t have time for excessive chatter. We really need to buckle down.”. Well they shut up, but they didn’t do any work.  Oh no, our resident agitator, who’s pretty much worthless as a worker and a human being, riled them all up that I’m not their supervisor and that I can’t talk to them like that.  She went and whined to management. Well instead of pointing out that since I was left in charge, I can in fact ask them to do their jobs and I never should have felt the need to ask them in the first place, she sent them out to confront me, where I was once again cleaning up their messes.

Needless to say, this flew all over me.  I am overly emotional. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I get my feelings hurt easily. Add to this that I’ve put in 60+ hours for two solid months when I don’t have the health or stamina to do it and the result of them standing over me telling me, in essence, to go fuck myself and that they don’t have to do their jobs if they don’t want to, flew all over me.  I have worked tirelessly to cover those stupid, lazy bitches and all I ask in return is that they put in a little effort to do their jobs so I don’t have to.  And management should have backed me up.  They didn’t.

So I have decided that I am pretty much done with this company. I will sit and do my processing but at the day’s end, I will not do 1 second of overtime to help anyone else.  They’re right. It’s not my job. It’s theirs. And it’s about damn time they started doing it themselves. If management has an issue with this then they can, to quote my coworkers, “go fuck themselves.”