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This is the second attempt at this blog. I was going pretty good and then my trusty Microsoft Surface flipped out and deleted the whole thing. Unfortunately there is no “undo” button in WordPress. Or, maybe there is and I just haven’t found it. in any event my Surface deleted my post. Irritating.

Normally I use my old Toshiba laptop to post blogs but this morning it finally gave up the ghost. I may give it a eulogy and bury it in the backyard. So I’m trying to use my Surface as a laptop. Unfortunately it is totally not designed to be used as a laptop. Yeah it has a keyboard and a kickstand. Whoopee. Try reclining back in bed or on the sofa and balancing the thing on your lap. Ain’t happening. Why don’t I just use it as a tablet? I will tell you why. It’s not comfortable to try type on the screen and the keyboard takes up half the viewable screen. My text goes up under the onscreen keyboard and I can’t see what the heck I’m doing. I’m not the best typist when I can see what I’m doing. Forget about flying blind.

So I got crafty. Rather than bury the old laptop, I’m using it’s cold, dead husk to prop up my Surface so that I can, in fact, use it as a laptop.  Unfortunately I’m way too broke right now to buy another laptop.

That brings us back to what I was talking about before my Surface wigged out and deleted me.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I started a new temp job this past week.  I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. It’s just kind of – Meh. It’s an accounting position, which I was trying to avoid but caved because I need the moola. So it’s a typical accounting department.  Then tension is so thick that it oppresses you the second you walk in. Everybody hates everyone else and everyone’s a moron but them. The burnout and turnover rate is astronomical. Same ole. The young lady that I’m training with thinks that it’s just a flaw within her company and other accounting departments can’t possibly be this bad. I laughed at her. Oh to be so naïve. It’s been like that in every accounting department I’ve ever worked in, which is really why I don’t want to do accounting.

There’s a possibility that the position may go permanent. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Obviously I don’t like accounting but the money is pretty good and I am good at it. This department is better than my last in that they really do not believe in overtime. I can get behind that. However, it is a hell of a long commute. We’re talking about 65 miles per day round trip. My little Kia gets pretty good gas mileage but I’m still having to refuel twice a week.  Plus I need new tires and the commute is wearing them out faster. The last thing I need is a blowout in the middle of Houston rush hour. My plan at the moment is to work it the next three months, pay as many bills as I can, and cross the perm bridge if and when I come to it.

I’m happy to have some income. I’m not thrilled about the commute. I love the Galleria area – it fuels my imagination – but it’s very money so living there isn’t a possibility. A one bedroom apartment runs about $1200 a month. I make decent money at the temp job but I couldn’t afford that even if it was perm so there’s always going to be a commute involved.

I think this weekend I shall spend some time writing, thinking and pondering the possibilities. Happy weekending!