I get so irritated with my sister in law sometimes. She’s writing a novel on living with mental illness and constantly whining about how hard her life is. She’s married to a man that loves her (for reasons no one can fathom as she isn’t a very likeable person), two kids, a high paying job, a new 300K home and she’s constantly whining about how unhappy she is. I laugh. She thinks she’s depressed.

I scoff at her. She has no clue what depression is.  Let me enlighten her. Depression is:

* being single, 40, unwanted and unloved.

* living with parents who remind you incessantly of your failures.

* hiding in your room to avoid said parents.

* hopping from job to job because you feel completely overwhelmed

* giving up a job you like because your body hurts so bad you can’t breathe

* being called lazy because you hurt and you feel constantly overwhelmed

* wanting to die but being too afraid to pull the trigger

* suffering alone because your support system doesn’t believe in mental illness.

* looking in the mirror and being disgusted by the person you see.

* being disgusted by your own reflection and not having the means to change it.

* seeing people with the life you wanted for yourself, but can never have, whining about how hard their life is.

So you see Sis, you don’t know the first thing about depression. Take what you feel and be forced to keep it all in. Force yourself to plaster on that confident smile when you really want to put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. Live in a constant state of failure with no hope for any sort of future, and THEN come talk to me about depression.  Good luck with your novel on how hard your life is.