I have a sister in law that I absitively, posolutely cannot stand. She’s currently visiting us for Thanksgiving. Oh joy. We have two cats, and asked her not to bring her dog. Did she listen? Nope. So she’s screaming at our cats after her dog got smacked in the nose by one of em. I’m in my room, trying to avoid the temptation I have to wrap my hands around her rude, snarky blonde throat and squeeze until my palms touch.

Ok, I’d never actually hurt her, but were she to spontaneously combust, I haven’t any urine or saliva to spare for her.  I don’t understand what my brother sees in her.  Yes, she’s pretty, but she’s haughty, rude and constantly cutting others down.  No one in the family likes her – except my brother.  I’m hoping after dinner she’ll do her usual and dump her kids off on the rest of us and spend the weekend locked in a bedroom reading. She doesn’t like being here, we wouldn’t miss her if she stayed home, so I don’t know why she doesn’t just stay home and read. I guess it’s because if she were alone she wouldn’t have anyone to whine to when her head hurts, or her tummy hurts.

While I spend the rest of this Turkey Day trying to suppress my homicidal urges toward this in-law, I hope the rest of you have a fantastic day with food, family and fun!