Have you ever had the desire to do something and just didn’t know how to get started? I’m a wanna-be writer who can’t seem to write anything to save her bloody life.  Part of the problem is that I have so many ideas floating around my noggin that it’s like grasping at straws in a tornado. And even if I manage to grab on to something for a time, it’s awfully hard to hang on to.

How does anyone go about finding out if they even have any sort of talent for writing? I think my lacking is not in the writing so much as it is in the story telling. I can’t think of a story that I want to tell all the way through. Words are never the issue. It’s the ideas.

The advice is always to write about what you know.  When I sit and ponder this, I come to the depressing conclusion that I really don’t know much. I mean, I’m an introvert who loathes people and longs to live the life of a hermit. I got up. I ate. I read a while. I took a nap…etc.  That makes for a very short story.

I guess I’ll keep thinking on it, and try grasping a few of those straws in the tornado of my mind. Maybe my introvert can be dragged, kicking and screaming, into a quest to save the world. That would be hell, which might make for a decent story.

More thoughts later.